Band Camp Prep

Before band camp in the MVs in August, brothers of KKP split up into groups and complete tasks to help the upcoming freshmen transition into band camp and help clean up the Marching Virginians Center. Brothers also host a cookout for the auditionees.

Hokies for the Hungry

Hokies for the Hungry is an annual canned food drive that the MVs participate in. The brothers of KKP help gather all of the cans donated by MVs and other Hokies. The cans are transferred to Montgomery County Christmas Store to help families in need during the holidays.

Honor Band

Every year, high school band students visit Virginia Tech and are organized into ensembles to prepare a concert at the end of a weekend. The brothers of KKP help stuff folders with music for each student in the ensembles.

Big Event

The Big Event is an annual community service event that Virginia Tech hosts. Student organizations, including KKP, from Virginia Tech are assigned to small community service projects to help someone local.